RACO LM  Linear drive Main Design Features

RACO’s LM Linear Modules are lightweight positioning actuators, which can be easily configured into a wide variety of multiple axis motion systems. Possible configurations include single axis driven / idler, parallel linked single axis, XY and XYZ systems. The LM is engineered for carriage speeds to 200 inches per second, single module load capacity of up to 800 lbs. and stroke range of approximately 20 feet with a single extrusion.

Some of the LM design and features / benefits to the motion system builder are:

Features Benefits
T-Slots & fasteners  Secure mounting; Multi axis configurations
Selection of drive stations Customize to the application
Mechanical or inductive switches Home reference & over-travel protection
High strength steel reinforced belt  Axial forces capacity to 400 lbs
Steel reinforced AT belt & pulleys machined to be 0° backlash Repeatability of 0.003"
Precision extruded 6063 alloy Travel to 20 ft without splices
Machined shock absorbing elastomer tires & ball bearing wheels  Normal loads to 800 lbs. Side loads to 400 lbs.
External adjustment of belt & wheels  Easy maintenance
Belt seal & sealed pulley bearings Service in contaminated environments

The carriage of the RACO LM  Linear Drive travels on shielded ball bearings surrounded by an shock absorbing elastomer tires allowing extraordinary high speeds at extremely reduced noise levels. 


X-Y-Z  system built from RACO LM  linear drive modules

By using the pre-engineered RACO LM linear drive modules it is very easy to custom build even a complex multi-axis motion system

RACO´s linear actuators combined as x-, y- and z- axis