DCLM   -  Rod-less  Electric Linear Actuator driven by a  DC  Motor via a  precision Gearhead

DCLM - When Economy is the Key Requirement

The RACO DCLM is the economical system solution for linear motion applications that do not require the high performance, closed loop precision of a brush-less servo actuator. Each of the DCLM system models feature a brush type DC gear motor with a performance matched regenerative motor driver to provide linear motion with a package price approximately one-half that of a servo mechanism of equivalent stroke length. The performance envelope of the DCLM family ranges from the high speed 3A unit (55"/sec. 35 lbs. load; 45 lbs. thrust) to the high load 4C unit (12"/sec. 600 lbs. load; 200 lbs. thrust). The DCLM linear motion mechanical elements are identical to those of RACO‘s SLM premium performance servo actuator system.


DCLM Features include:

  • Adjustable stroke limits via mechanical switches

  • Speed control via standard +/- 10V DC input

  • T-slots & fasteners facilitate secure mounting

  • Steel reinforced belt for thrust up to 200 lbs.

  • Zero backlash free pulley & belt for repeatability of 0.003"

  • Loads up to 600 lbs. on shock absorbing elastomer tires & ball bearings

  • Aluminum body 6063 for stroke up to 235" in 1" increments

  • External wheel/belt adjustment simplifies maintenance

  • Belt seal & sealed bearings for dirty environments

  • 115V AC input power simplifies installation requirements

  • Operating temperature range: 32 – 120 deg. F



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