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Linear Actuator

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MA-Series  Modular Rod- Type electric Actuator Compact -Series  Rod- Type electric Actuator  LM Linear Module Rod-less Actuator 

Stroke Linear Travel 
Stroke (linear travel) Positioning accuracy  NO tight positioning accuracy required

Intermediate positions required Number of intermediate  positions 

Position set by limit switch Free programmable positions

Linear Velocity 
Linear Velocity Constant Linier Velocity variable  

Ideal  velocity  in/s (m/s) Min. velocity  in/s (m/s) Max. velocity  in/s  (m/s)

Thrust (Linear Force ) and Load Data
Thrust (Linear Force) lbf (N) Max.  (peak) thrust lbf (N) Duration of peak thrust

Load Weight  lb (kg) Load supported / guided by Friction coefficient of support

Load Horizontal  Load Vertical Load under angle to horizontal

Motion Profile /

No Specific Motion Profile or Acceleration

Acceleration Time    sec velocity  velocity  in/s (m/s)

Motion Index (distance)   ..... distance within ...sec

Triangular Motion Velocity Profile  Trapezoidal Motion Velocity Profile  OTHER Motion Velocity Profile 

Motion Control signal  Voltage  Motion control signal  Current OTHER Motion control signal 

Motor Type / Voltage 
AC Induction Motor   DC Motor  AC Servo   Stepper

Motor Brand Preference  

Mains (Line) Voltage AC /  DC  3  Phase  Single Phase  

Duty / Operation Cycles
Cycles per hour   Desired OP life time

Indoor   Outdoor  Dust Splash Water Mud

Corrosive environment  Explosive Atmosphere   Exp. Class 

Min. Temperature   Max. Temperature

 Mounting (Rod-type Actuator MA and Compact )
Trunnion   Rigid foot  Front Flange Rear Clevis  Gimbals (4way movement)

Mounting (Rod-less Actuator  LM )
Horizontal  Vertical  On Bottom  On Top On Side

Thrust overload protection  Remote end of stroke control  Manual dialed position control  Position indicator

Other accessory  

      Quantity & Delivery 

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