SLM  Rod-less  Electric Linear Actuator driven by an AC Servo
          Motor via a  precision Gear Head

SLM - When precision & flexibility is the Key Requirement










RACO’S SLM line of linear positioning modules offers design versatility for any application requiring "cost effective" linear motion. The SLM design lends itself to stroke lengths of up to 235 inches and linear speeds up to 150 inch/sec. Two and three axis configurations may be easily and quickly implemented using the basic SLM module. Each system, is comprised of a linear module, gear reducer, servomotor and servo amplifier. The units are pre-engineered for selected speeds, load capacities and inertia matching to provide a stable and robust system. Please refer to the charts  below for a pre-engineered solution for your application requirements.

For those customers, who prefer independently to integrate their
own drive system, control elements and servomotor components, RACO LM Linear Module components and sub-essemblies are available.





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